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Online Payment Gateway Solutions

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Payment Gateway simply signifies E-commerce services that validate payments for online retailers and E-businesses. It represents a physical terminal for POS or Point of Sale, which can be found in most retail outlets. These Payment Gateways has the ability to encrypt highly sensitive information like credit card numbers and other details in order to ensure that the information exchanged between a customer and a merchant is secured.

CCAvenue Gateway

With the help of E-commerce website India, you have the option of doing business with anyone, anywhere and anytime irrespective of geographical boundaries, operational retailing costs and contingencies. Shopping Cart Solutions India with the assistance of CC Avenue’s payment gateway solutions provide Indian merchants with facilities like shopping cart, online shopping & payment gateway, which are outstanding global operational platforms to enter into the global economy cost effectively.


CitiBank Gateway

All major Indian and International Credit Cards are processed!

Customers in India can pay in Indian Rupees:
All kinds of Visa Cards are accepted by CC Avenue. There is absolutely no need of using US $ in billing process on any Visa Card issued in India. No need for Indian customers to allocate US $ resources for any CC Avenue transaction from their BTQ of US $5000 which is sanctioned by RBI or Reserve Bank of India. What this does is that it exempts them from shelling out random and high foreign exchange rates that are being charged by banks for transactions in US dollar. We have integrated CC Avenue with PHP shopping cart, online shopping cart software and E-commerce shopping cart solutions.

Customers who are from outside India pay mostly in local currency as billed by their respective credit card issuing institution.

american-expressAmerican Express: This is world’s favorite card. There are more than 57 million cards in circulation all over the globe and it is still growing. Around US $123 billion was spent globally last year through this card and it is soon going to be the No. 1 card in the world. In the recession hit US economy last years, it was estimated that there has been a rise of 4 percent in terms of total spending on American Express Cards. American Express Cards are very much popular and share a major chunk in the financial market of countries like US, Europe, Canada and Asia. This card is also used widely in retail market.

citibankCitibank E-Cards: Citibank has recently launched a new initiative called the Citibank E-Card in order to promote safe and secure online shopping. It works almost like a regular credit card but without a physical plastic body, it is India’s first web credit card. The E-Card from Citibank has lot of unique features as it can be used by online shoppers to have any transaction through mail order or telephone. You can do all sorts of transactions that are available on the Internet Banking platform, which includes utility bills and ordering demand drafts.

dinners-clubDiners Club International:This is world’s No. 1 Charge Card. Diners Club card holders are scattered all over the globe and it is a popular and old corporate favorite card. It has been estimated that there are more than 8 million Dines Club card holders in the globe. Most of the card holders are from affluent backgrounds and frequent fliers like business houses, institutions, Fortune 500 companies and some leading global corporations.

jcb-cardsJCB Cards: The JCB Cards have merchant network of over 10.93 million spanning across 189 countries. It is supported by 320 financial institutions worldwide and serves more than 48 million cardholders in over 18 countries. The philosophy followed by JCB is “identify the customer's needs and please the customer with Service from the Heart" and it is paying rich dividends to customers spending over US $ 43 billion annually on their JCB cards.

visaVISA:This is world’s most preferred card. There are more than one billion cards in circulation having acceptance in more than 150 countries. Visa branded cards have generated US $2.4 trillion in terms of annual card sales volume, which is nearly half in the entire US card market.

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