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CRM Solutions

Effective and customized CRM Solutions!

In the last couple of years, E-business has emerged in the market as the very backbone of any business and the very core of it is CRM, which is known as Customer Relationship Management. Customer Relationship Management is a strategy which has been put to use extensively by most companies and it is the very foundation of sales management structure which amalgamates customer management, inventory management, sales tracking, invoicing and various other functions. The success of any business is based on customer relationship services. The customer relationship management software developed by us have interface that are intuitive with menus and pick lists that will minimize typing thereby increasing productivity. Customer relationship software will print invoices and bills on plain paper which signify that elaborate tax and sales report to customer analysis, CRM can handle everything.

Profit, client numbers and revenue of any company is influenced largely by billing changes. Another important aspect is breakeven point this is based on the calculation on basic billing and cost data billing change to understand profitability. Calculations that are based on breakeven points throw light on the entire ambit of recent and proposed structure of billing arrangements. The entire set of result is presented here in a tabular format which is not only comprehensive but also really easy to deal with. The details that are normally generated through Customer relationship management software comprises of profit, client numbers and revenue.

No matter what your business requirement is, seeking CRM solutions from PsBilling or invoice program would prove to be highly beneficial for your business. PsBilling is really effective, efficient and specialized software that focuses in simplifying the billing structure and saves money and time. PsBilling is ideal for retail outlets especially for sending invoice for professional services and even giving quotations to clients for their repair work. You do not need to seek help from us to use it. You just need to install it and start getting results from day one.

Why you need CRM?

  • Unlimited items, invoices, quotes and customers
  • Protection of password
  • Create and deal with quotes and invoices with less effort
  • Create and print professional invoices
  • Managing product databases
  • Managing records of customers
  • Free technical assistance via phone, email and online meeting
  • No expensive form usage, printouts can be taken out on simple paper from any kind of printer

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